How to prevent pest damage in summer


As Summer approaches, mosquitoes start appearing, signaling the counterattack of a full-fledged pest. Pests are divided into size sanitary pests, agricultural pests, and forest pests. Among them, sanitary pests are those that can harm or cause discomfort to the body and transmit diseases, such as flies, mosquitoes, and cockroaches. Today’s Health 365 delivers tips on how to prevent or get rid of these sanitary pests as much as possible.

◆ Mosquito

A female mosquito sucks human blood and leaves an itch on the spot as a ‘real guest’. Recently, there has been an alert for infectious diseases through mosquitoes, so it has become a pest to be more careful about.

First, to prevent mosquitoes from entering your home, you need to check if any of the windows in your house do not have screens, and check the existing screens for fine holes or gaps. In addition, the secret to preventing mosquitoes as much as possible is to install an insect repellent on the door as mosquitoes sneak in during the process of opening and closing the door.

If you already have mosquitoes in your home, you can use mosquito repellent in your home. Currently, spray-type, coil-type, mat-type, and liquid insecticides are sold in the market, and the spray form has the strongest insecticidal power. However, the better the insecticidal power, the more fine dust is generated, and when exposed to the human body, it can cause headaches and vomiting. Therefore, refrain from using it in an enclosed space and make sure to ventilate it after use.

Mosquitoes can occur on their own in the home as well as outside. This is because adult mosquitoes lay eggs and reproduce in places where water is stagnant, such as under septic tanks, water wells, drains, vases, and flowerpots. In this case, if you use a drug dedicated to mosquito larvae, you can effectively eradicate mosquito larvae.

Mosquitoes encountered outdoors are also a problem. In this case, you should reduce skin exposure as much as possible by wearing long clothes. Summer clothes with long sleeves and a cooling feeling are on sale, so if you plan to walk in the mountains and forests in the summer, be sure to bring them. Using pest repellents can also help. Apply it to the wounded area and wash it off after outdoor activities.

◆ Flies

Flies Although flies do not bite like mosquitoes, they cause discomfort when a large number of flies are flying in a house. In addition, there is a risk of becoming a carrier of diseases such as typhoid, paratyphoid, and food poisoning.

Flies, like mosquitoes, are effective protection against screens and doors. Also, leaving food waste unattended in the hot and humid summer is a shortcut to attract flies, so it is better to dry it quickly or throw it out at every meal. If the fruit is left at room temperature, fruit flies will develop quickly, so be careful.

Flies are generally caught with a fly sieve, but the corpse of a fly damaged by the fly is not hygienic and aesthetically pleasing. If you simply install a fly trap or a fly trap, you can expect to attract and exterminate flies without any effort.

◆ Cockroaches

Cockroaches, which are considered to be creatures that will not die even if the earth is destroyed, are nocturnal and may be roaming around at night without you knowing. Cockroaches not only cause disgust in humans by their appearance, but also spread various diseases. It vomits food it ate throughout the house and travels around the house with the horn hairs on its legs where numerous bacteria multiply, causing food poisoning, typhoid, and atopy.

Cockroaches boast a terrifying fertility. If one or two are found in the house, it should be expected that hundreds of them may appear soon after the primary breeding has been completed.

To prevent cockroaches, you must first clean the environment in your home. Not only cookie crumbs around the house, but also pet food can become food for cockroaches. It is necessary to cleanly remove food debris remaining in various places in the kitchen by washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen, and to remove the food waste out of the house as soon as possible. Paper and wood are also good food for cockroaches, so boxes and papers that are not used should be disposed of. It is also a good idea to block small gaps in the house, such as drains and vents, using insect repellent traps.

However, there are many ways in which cockroaches can enter the house, so you may start seeing one or two of them in your home, even after all your efforts. In this case, use a commercially available cockroach insecticide. Using a quarantine company is definitely a way to annihilate cockroaches.

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