Milk in a glass Bottle: why do you prefer it?

milk in glass bottle

Nowadays, people are paying more and more attention to their health and food choices.

Milk is sold back in glass bottles as before.

Around the 60’s/70’s,  glass bottles with returnable milk were purchased from farms or dairy farms and returned to farmers.

Then, starting in the 80s, the glass was gradually replaced by containers made of other materials, as grocery stores became the main place of purchase.

So it looked like one of the oldest models. The circular economy has disappeared from the food packaging industry. Fortunately, milk packaged in glass is making a comeback on the shelves as consumers are demanding healthy, fresh, and certified safe products.

Why is milk in a glass bottle better?

Consumers today pay much more attention to the quality and health of their products, so they choose wisely when buying food.

Buyers read the label, but also pay attention to the sustainability aspects of the packaging, attention to waste and waste containment.

So, choosing to sell or buy bottled milk is only a small gesture, but in this way, we contribute to reducing waste.

Glass packaging is impermeable, does not transfer external odors and tastes and, above all, does not emit chemicals.

Glass bottled milk is kept close to its original condition and the flavor, purity, and quality remain unchanged.

Also, the glass bottle helps retain the milk. They are colder and ecologicallyreused and recycled as indefinitely as possible.
This will not only reduce the amount of non-recyclable waste that goes to landfills but also promote sustainable agriculture,  supporting small businesses and farms.

There are currently several dairy farms that bottle high-quality milk in glass. 
Soligo Dairyfounded in the Treviso region in 1883, recently ” milk 1883 million natural “.

This decision was made to bring to the consumer’s home a high-quality product that respects the environment thanks to its packaging.

Chean Cheil Dairy Milk Trento Rang’s” High-Quality Fresh Whole Milk – Best of Us ” has demonstrated the company’s commitment to quality and sustainability.
Il Committed to obtaining and distributing genuine dairy products, respecting animals, and protecting territories. They also focus on glass packaging, recyclable and environmentally friendly materials.

Comes to market with a modern design and a new signed glass bottle. Vicentin Dairy.
Le  “Sun Hill”  is a high-quality, fresh whole milk collected exclusively from member farms that comply with the DPT 035 standard of the CSQA certified agro-food chain.
The company wanted to market its products for conscious consumers willing to pay attention to the ingredients used in packaging and provide decent value for milk that rewards local producers. We learn to rediscover the flavors of the past that are good for our health, our environment, and our hearts.

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