How to do a tongue piercing?


Tongue piercings are extremely fashionable in recent years and have made widespread changes towards a fashion statement. Going back fifteen years ago, tongue piercing isn’t that big of a fad, but over time it has become a fashion statement that’s equally needed for both men and women.

Tongue piercings are very painful, but in today’s era they are quite fashionable. Not only is it painful to stick your tongue, but it takes time to heal because you keep using your mouth when eating and talking. It’s not like an ear piercing that takes a week or two to heal. It takes at least 2 months to pierce the tongue. It can heal properly.

There are certain rules that must be followed to achieve a perfect tongue piercing without causing infection. These methods can be done to save time at home, but you need to be very careful. Before performing these tongue piercing methods, you should ask a family member for help.

Tongue Piercing

The best methods of tongue piercing are detailed below.

tools for Tongue Piercing :

Before you start, you need to have all the tools ready to do this process effectively so you don’t miss anything in the process. The tool is very important during the tongue piercing process. Prepare forceps, trinkets, needles, disinfected gloves and numbing cream to relieve the pain.

Clean hands before Tongue Piercing:

Wash your hands with antibacterial soap to prevent infection by touching your freshly pierced tongue. Washing your hands can make you feel safer when piercing your tongue.

Clean your mouth and tongue beforehand.

It is important to brush your teeth before Tongue piercing and gargle with mouthwash. Be careful while performing this process as mouthwash will act as a disinfectant to clean the mouth of bacteria that may later infect your tongue.

Purification Tool for Tongue Piercing:

Tools to be used must be disinfected with alcohol. When you use this tool to pierce your tongue, you need to get rid of all germs so that there is no source of infection. I can’t think of using another disinfectant because this is the mouth in question and not all disinfectants are edible. So, for best results when cleaning tools, use alcohol.


Tongue Piercing During the piercing process, it is very important to mark the point to be pierced with a marker. Mark it exactly in the middle and look in the mirror to check, or ask someone else to check if necessary or confused. Piercing somewhere other than the middle can slightly lose the function of your taste buds, so be careful and always check before piercing.


Use clamps to hold the tongue in place so as not to fail during the piercing process. Freeze the exact area you marked for best results.


Now the exact part you marked is pierced with a needle very carefully from top to bottom. Do it exactly to reduce pain, and you can also use mouth-friendly anesthetic creams to reduce pain.

Slight wobble:

Shake the needle slightly to open the hole further so that the jewelry can be inserted.

Now insert the jewelry so the hole is open and keep your mouth clean for the next 2 months until it heals effectively.