The cleanest areas of the sea in Crimea

The cleanest areas of the sea in Crimea

The Crimean peninsula is a wonderful area for a summer resort vacation. Tourists from all over Russia and abroad come here every year. When choosing a place to stay in Crimea, you often think about the level of comfort on one coast or another, the availability of infrastructure. One of the important criteria when choosing a resort in Crimea is the cleanliness of the sea and beach areas, which in turn depends on the presence of factories, plants, treatment facilities, rivers and streams nearby, and the number of tourists. After reading our article, you will find out where the clean sea is in the Crimea.

Cape Tarkhankut

The cleanest sea in Crimea is located on the coast of Cape Tarkhankut. This is a truly heavenly place that attracts tourists – lovers of wild recreation. You should not expect a high-class tourist infrastructure, almost all the beaches are wild, you can only get there by car or on foot, but the effort that will be spent is worth it. Beach areas are sandy and pebble, clean. Sandy ones are located near villages, pebble ones – away from settlements. Olenevka beaches are one of the most popular among tourists with children in Crimea – the entrance to the sea is shallow, the depth is shallow, making it comfortable to swim. The swimming season here opens in May, because thanks to the shallow water, the water quickly heats up to + 25 ° C. The water in the sea is clear, there are no rivers nearby, there are few people. Cape Tarkhankut in Crimea is an ideal place for diving under water, which, like a magnet,

General’s beaches

If you are looking for the cleanest sea in Crimea, then you can consider General’s beaches. They are located far from settlements (the nearest is at a distance of about 10 km). This is a wild place, however, with picturesque landscapes, clear water, sandy cover, warm sea (the water heats up quickly due to the shallow depth). There are few people even at the peak of the holiday season, because it is almost impossible to get here by public transport (buses run irregularly), a dirt road leads to the place. Therefore, this is the ideal place:

  • for solitude with nature;
  • yoga classes;
  • meditation.

Vacationers are accommodated in tents here. Tourists are also responsible for the cleanliness of the coast. General’s beaches are part of the national landscape park “Karalarsky”, fines are provided for violation of order on the territory of this protected area.

Tsar’s beach

What is the sea in the Crimea? Clean! The rating of the cleanest places on the Crimean Peninsula is often topped by Tsarsky Beach, located in Novy Svet near Sudak. It is located in the Blue Bay (part of the reserve). The water in the sea is clean, transparent, the bottom is sandy, stones are rarely found. The place is wild.

INTERESTING. According to the stories, at the end of the 19th century, Tsar Nicholas II visited this part of Crimea. It was he who noticed the purity and picturesqueness of this place after swimming in the sea. In honor of the arrival of the Russian ruler, the Tsarskoye beach was named.

Silver beach in Balaklava

A popular place among tourists and locals in Crimea is the Silver Beach in Balaklava. The sea is clean here. Once this area was wild, but every year there are more tourists here, the infrastructure is developing. You shouldn’t expect anything special, there are no attractions, restaurants and other entertainment facilities, but toilets are installed, a bar is open, where you can buy:

  • cool drinks;
  • ice cream;
  • light snacks (sandwiches, cookies).

Umbrellas, sun loungers for rent. During the holiday season there are many people here, tourists come with tents and stay for a long time. The length of the beach area is only 400 m. You can get there by boats running from Balaklava regularly at intervals of 1 hour. The Silver Beach in Balaklava is an excellent option for a trip to Crimea, the Black Sea is clean here, the microclimate is useful and pleasant, since mountain and sea air mix in this area. The seabed is sandy, also clean; large boulders are found at depth. Covering – sand and small pebbles.

Quiet Bay in Koktebel

One of the famous sights of Crimea are the Koktebel rocks. You will find the clear sea in the waters of Tikhaya and Lisya bays. The first is the most popular among tourists. You can get to Tikhaya Bay in Crimea on foot from Koktebel, walking in only 40 minutes. If traveling with children, it is better to go by car. Many tourists come here by their own transport, pitch their tents and stay for a long time. There is no infrastructure. The descent into the sea is gentle, the water is clear, clean, even schools of small fish can be seen. A quiet bay is a good option for relaxing with kids due to the shallow water that stretches for tens of meters, so the sea water is always warm and heats up quickly. Children can safely swim in the sea, but adults may not like it, because it will take a long time to go to the depth. Another advantage of this place is the presence of medicinal mud nearby. The beach in the Quiet Bay is sandy, mixed with shell rock.


Massandra beach

If you want to find not a wild beach with clean, transparent sea water in Crimea, which is located near the city, then you should pay attention to Massandrovsky. Located in Yalta (east side). For more than 10 years, he has been the owner of the Blue Flag award, which is given for excellent landscaping, cleanliness and safety. Divided into sectors by breakwaters. The entrance is paid, but the level of service is high.

Massandra beach

Covering – pebbles, large stones are often found, so you need to take comfortable shoes for rest. The sea is clean, deep, you need to be careful with children here. A popular place among young people in Crimea. The infrastructure is excellent – there are cafes, attractions, playgrounds for the smallest vacationers, sun loungers and umbrellas are rented.